The Muscat (Alsace Wine)

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The Muscat history

Two varieties of Muscat exist in Alsace. The “Muscat à petits grains” (“with small berries”) often referred to as “Muscat d’Alsace” which appeared in the area during the 16th century, and the “Muscat d’Ottonel”.

Tasting of the Muscat

The “Muscat d’Alsace” gives a dry wine which develops intense fruit aromas, very much as if you were biting in the grape itself. Also subtle notes of flowers and a beautiful freshness.

Food and wine pairing

Muscat is a light, dry and aromatic wine, wonderful as an aperitif. It is the perfect match for asparagus and dishes prepared with raw or cooked vegetables.

The vine

The “Muscat d’Ottonel” comes to maturity early and produces rather robust wines. The “Muscat d’Alsace”, cultivated mainly on well-exposed slopes of limestone, gives fine, delicate and very aromatic wines. Both grapes complement each other astonishingly well.