The Pinot Noir (Alsace Wine)

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A little history

Pinot Noir is originating from Burgundy. It is the only type of vine authorized in Alsace for the production of the red wines. Mostly used for red and rosé wines, Pinot Noir of Alsace is also used for the production of the sparkling “Crémant d’Alsace” (both “blanc de noirs” and rosé”)

Tasting of Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir of Alsace produces a rather light and delicate red wine, dominated by red fruit flavours. More and more often one uses oak barrels. This burgundian wine-making technique gives a fuller colour, more structure and complexity, permitting a longer shelf life.

Food and wine pairing

Pinot Noir of Alsace pairs well with game or red meats. The lighter cuvees will go well with “charcuterie”, grilled meats, salads and mild cheeses. The rosé is wonderful with spicy dishes

The vine

The soil of predilection of Pinot Noir is calcareous clay and limestone. Pinot Noir imposes small yields and skilled wine-making. Though already appreciated in its youth, Pinot Noir can age well.