Riesling (Alsace Wine)

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Riesling history

Riesling is capable of producing, without any doubt, one of the finest and most presigeous white wines in the world. The Riesling made its appearance in Alsace in the 15th century. It is only as from the sixties that Riesling reached the forefront of production in Alsace.

Tasting of Riesling

Often called “the King of the Alsace wines”, Riesling is an extremely elegant wine which shows aromas of citrus (lime, grapefruit…), and of flowers (white flowers, linden…). Riesling also displays, according to the soil where it grows, mineral aromas like flint, gunpowder…Its is definitely the most versatile and surprising of the grapes grown in Alsace.

Food and wine pairing

Delicately racy and fruity, the Riesling is a true ally of the “haute cuisine”. Riesling matches very well the Alsatian traditional kitchen (Sauerkraut !), but it is also particularly at ease with noble fish, seafood, white meat or goat cheese.

The vine

The Riesling is cultivated primarily on granite, schist and clay-limestone soils, which tend to provide the wines with beautiful freshness and acidity. As a consequence some of them have legendary ageing potential. The varietal ripens quite late in the season, avoiding frost in Spring and benefiting from the sunny late-Summer conditions.

Riesling in the world

The Riesling is among the leading noble white grapes of the world. No other varietal has the capacity of restoring in the glass so accurately the essence of the soil where it is grown.