An oustanding Producer

The success of “Cave de Ribeauvillé”
Its success, not only in France, but also in 33 different foreign countries, stems from:

– its status as an ” integral ” wine cooperative which implies that its members, 40 professional wine growers, are obliged to bring all of their production to the cooperative cellar

–  its tradition as the oldest wine cooperative in France (created in 1895) a company spirit based above all on its human element.

A strong company culture

The vineyards of the winery cover 265 hectares surrounding Ribeauvillé. This area is worked by 40 wine professionals out of 110 members totally dedicated to the principles of production, vinification and commercialisation. The human element is effectively the foundation of the cooperative. Each and everyone identifies with and invests in an entity created by their forefathers through active participation to decision making, to which the future of the cooperative is committed.

The oldest wine cooperative in France

Founded in 1895 to help winegrowers from Ribeauvillé and the vicinity to cope with times of crisis, the Coop has managed over the past hundred years to keep the original spirit going, thus proving that a progressive idea such as solidarity can be successful.