Art and wine

Art and wine call out to our senses, our feelings, and our deep rooted values. The making of wine can be compared to art as much as both the artist and the wine grower live and feel for their work. For this reason, the Cave de Ribeauvillé has associated with its artists for a number of years. What better way for the public to discover the rich sensations united in wine tasting and works of art ?

A collection of artists

Each year since 1995, the Cave de Ribeauvillé expresses its commitment to the artists, by asking them to illustrate a gift box of 3 bottles of wine diffused in limited quantity. Since 17 years, a true “collection of artists” has been established, at the rhythm of one per season .. Jean-Yves Texier, Claude Braun and Jacques Laissue.

The Cave de Ribeauvillé devotes a place of prestige to ar:, the “Salle Emile Traber”  Painters, sculptors, musicians. Every quarter, a different artist exposes at the Cave de Ribeauvillé.